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Come Join Me For My Next Live Psychic Medium Angel Intuitive Online Certification Course

Come Join Me For My Next Live Psychic Medium Angel Intuitive Online Certification Course

February 20, 2020

It's time to expand, grow, and shine like never before love. And it's time for Julia's Psychic Medium Angel Intuitive Online Certification Course! Julia teaches this once per year and she's all set to open the doors February 29th & March 1st. Julia gives you clarity about what you can expect during this magical weekend with her. She has a full payment option and a payment plan ready for you to choose from. You can read more about it all and even choose the best payment option by CLICKING HERE.

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Angel Ambassador Melissa Ann, Author of Beautifully Broken

Angel Ambassador Melissa Ann, Author of Beautifully Broken

February 18, 2020

Julia interviews one of her past students, Melissa Oatman, who has quite an amazing story of transformation. As a divorced mom of toddler twins, Melissa survived single motherhood and discovered how to thrive. After working with Julia One-On-One for several months, Melissa transformed into a very gifted healer, channeler, teacher, and intuitive. She has built a massive following and helps others step into their power... To see that though they may feel broken, they are not. Melissa is the host of her wildly popular podcast, Awaken Your Inner Awesomeness, and has recently published her first book, Beautifully Broken. Get ready to be inspired! 

Click on the links to find Melissa on Facebook and her Website.


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This Is The Key To Manifesting Everything

This Is The Key To Manifesting Everything

February 12, 2020

Julia talks about her recent up-leveling and how the angels brought her just what she needed to get through some triggers. She also discusses a dream she had about The Rainbow Warriors, the massive groups who are coming together (some of us are here already) to shift into New Earth. Julia takes you through a meditation at the end of this episode to help you move into manifesting all that you are. You won't want to miss this one! 

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The Rainbow Crew And What They Need From You

The Rainbow Crew And What They Need From You

February 5, 2020

Julia talks about how she first connected with The Rainbow Crew. These are magical children who are here to help heal the world. Julia connected with them for some time before some of them actually appeared during a session with a client. You can check out the shortened version, where some of them are looking up at Julia while she spoke, by CLICKING HERE

Join Julia @ The Ritz in Scranton, Pennsylvania for a magical Group Reading & VIP Reception by CLICKING HERE. There are limited seats so please get yours asap! 

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Get In On My Self Love Solution Program At A Fraction Of The Cost

Get In On My Self Love Solution Program At A Fraction Of The Cost

January 31, 2020

Julia just started her live group for her Self-Love Solution Program. While sitting and sipping coffee God delivered a sweet and important message. Julia is following through with it and talk about it in this short episode. This special message might be just what you're looking for.

You can get in to her program now at just $44 (regularly $997). Julia is ready to take you to heights you have forgotten are possible. Self love is the solution to everything! Join Julia on Patreon for the entire month of February for her Self-Love Solution! Embrace your divine power and create your own heaven on earth. Check it out on Patreon HERE. 

It’s Time To Release Your Biggest Fears And Embrace Your Destiny

It’s Time To Release Your Biggest Fears And Embrace Your Destiny

January 30, 2020

Julia talks about how her spiritual team has been helping her blast through any and all remaining fears. It was all part of the divine plan... God's plan. Julia talks about how once we begin to move through our biggest fears, they are no longer our biggest fears. Our spiritual team (God, angels, and guides), can help us face our fears, move through them easily, and come out on the other side realizing they just weren't worth all of the energy we gave them. 


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Reserve your seat for Julia's upcoming Group Reading @ The Ritz in Scranton, Pennsylvania! You can purchase the GROUP READING ONLY or GROUP W/VIP RECEPTION by choosing one. The event is February 15th, with the Group Reading from 1-3pmEST followed by the VIP Reception from 3-5pmEST with light fare, beverages, and Q & A with Julia. All tickets must be purchased in advance. 

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Kuan Yin’s Message About The Dark Night Of The Soul

Kuan Yin’s Message About The Dark Night Of The Soul

January 22, 2020

Julia shares many of the obstacles she has overcome recently. She also shares a very important message from Kuan Yin that may be just what you need to hear today. 

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Is It Time To Give Up Or To Yell Plot Twist

Is It Time To Give Up Or To Yell Plot Twist

January 15, 2020

Julia talks about the difference between "giving up" on your dreams and yelling "plot twist" at the top of your lungs. What you are experiencing may be yet one more opportunity to grow beyond your current comfort level. Julia shares some of her own current "experiences" with you to help shed light on it all. 

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The Angels Helped Me Find My Way Back To God

The Angels Helped Me Find My Way Back To God

January 8, 2020

Julia talks about how at the age of six, she began to separate from God. That's when her journey became quite difficult until one day she called out, at her lowest point, to anyone who was listening. God sent the angels and they led her back to the light. Perhaps something she says in this podcast will help you find your way back to your own divine light. 

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Embrace The New Year With The New You

Embrace The New Year With The New You

December 31, 2019

Julia shares how 2019 was the year that would shove so many of us out of our comfort zones. She shares her own personal struggles and epiphanies that just might surprise you. Julia shares a very special guided meditation to help you release and send blessings to the past so that you can glide into the magic that awaits in 2020. 

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