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SHINE Daily Vortex Meditation

SHINE Daily Vortex Meditation

June 19, 2019

Julia created this beautiful meditation to help you get into the vortex and stay there! With the ascension process at full steam ahead, it is so important to begin a daily practice of "staying in the vortex" work.

Listen to this vortex meditation in the morning (upon waking) and evening (before going to sleep). You CAN do this meditation while driving and paying attention. Please remember to do this meditation twice daily to keep you vibration high and in the flow!  

To save this meditation to your iPhone home screen, click on the meditation link, and on your screen click on the box with the arrow pointing up icon, and then the grey plus + icon to 'Add to Home Screen'. This way, you'll be able to navigate to this meditation easily on your home screen!

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Here’s Just Some of What You Can Expect with The Rainbow Wave That is on The Way

Here’s Just Some of What You Can Expect with The Rainbow Wave That is on The Way

June 10, 2019

Julia has known about the rainbow wave for quite some time now. She has even caught herself fully surrounded and infused with it on many occasion (you can check some of her pics out on IG juliatreat444). Julia offers some guidance that she channeled as to what is on the glorious horizon as the rainbows just keep coming in full force. Don't miss this one! It's a keeper!

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Julia’s Amazing & Transformational Upcoming Events

Julia’s Amazing & Transformational Upcoming Events

June 6, 2019

Want to connect with Julia at one of her live events? She has several options! Perhaps one will fit perfectly for you. 

6/28 - 6/30 - Endless Mountains Retreat (weekend event including Friday evening): CLICK HERE! 

6/28 - Friday evening only: CLICK HERE! 

Hilton in Scranton, Pennsylvania (mention JULIA TREAT to get discount): CLICK HERE!

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You Truly Can Heal Anything, Even When Just Getting Rear Ended - Oh Yes, That Just Happened

You Truly Can Heal Anything, Even When Just Getting Rear Ended - Oh Yes, That Just Happened

June 3, 2019

Julia talks about how a recent fender bender taught her a priceless message. Triggers will happen and it's up to us to catch them when they do. Julia had some major triggers occur during her recent accident. Listen how she recognized them (so much quicker than in the past), stopped them dead in their tracks, and healed what had started to re-occur. You will be blown away at just how easy it is to heal your self! 

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What Karmic Contracts Are You Refusing To Release

What Karmic Contracts Are You Refusing To Release

May 28, 2019

Julia talks about how many of us just continue to stay in the same patterns over and over. If you're ready to release the karmic past that still haunts you (and blocks you) you won't want to miss this one! 

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It’s Time To Activate Our Soul Star Chakra

It’s Time To Activate Our Soul Star Chakra

May 20, 2019

Julia takes you through a guided meditation to help you clear, shield, and activate your Star Soul Chakra. It's so important to be vigilant in taking care of our own energy right now so that we may continue to be a bright and shining start for others. This simple exercise can help you keep vibing high each and every day! 

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Goddess Isis Is Here To Help Us Release

Goddess Isis Is Here To Help Us Release

May 13, 2019

Julia talks about how Isis is coming forward to help us with our final healing. So many of us are continuing to feed the "hungry ghosts" that reside within us. Julia gives several examples of things happening in her own life and channeled messages received via Isis and other beings of light. Julia takes you through a meditation with the Goddess Isis to help you discover, and finally release, that which holds you hostage. 

Join Julia for her brand new course, Ascension Made Easy, May 16th from 8:00 pm EST - 10:00 pm EST by clicking this link:
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One of My Favorite Manifesting Exercises

One of My Favorite Manifesting Exercises

May 7, 2019

Julia gives some of her favorite manifesting techniques to YOU! We can receive so much clarity when we simply ask the universe for help. Listen in and learn one of Julia's favorite ways to amp up her manifesting mojo. 

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A Personal Invitation To Be A Part Of My Family Of Healers

A Personal Invitation To Be A Part Of My Family Of Healers

April 29, 2019

Julia sends a personal message to YOU! Julia shares her own personal journey toward healing. It was magical, to say the least. Julia can't wait to share her experiences and some upcoming opportunities to work directly with her. 

Whether you wish to begin to heal your SELF or wish to work with others on healing, listen to Julia's take on things. As you are probably quite familiar with by now, Julia is always thinking (and doing things) outside of the box. You won't want to miss this one! Take a listen to understand the amazing opportunity Julia has created just for you. 

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I Hope You Are Getting Your Jesus Winks

I Hope You Are Getting Your Jesus Winks

April 23, 2019

Julia talks about just some of the ways Jesus can give you winks that he is near. Since Julia began calling on The Rainbow Crew to help her and to guide her as to what she can do for them, Jesus has been sending even more winks. We're all going through ascension "stuff," getting ready for this bless-ed shift. Julia has found calling on Jesus and The Rainbow Crew to be oh so comforting.


Julia's Current Offerings:

To get into Julia's upcoming Healing With The Masters, Saints & Angels Course With Reiki I & II, check out the podcast and payment links here:


Healing With The Saints & Angels Plus Level Reiki I & II Celebrating Luca Special!

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Healing With The Saints & Angels, Reiki I & II, Plus Master / Master Teacher Celebrating Luca Special!

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Come and spend a magical week with Julia in Sedona! She will be celebrating her birthday at one of her favorite places ever!

Meet her in Sedona here!


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